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Enrollment & Tuition


  • Enrollment is a month by month agreement to be paid in weekly installments.  We require that children enrolled on the first Monday of each month will remain enrolled to complete the entire week of the last days in the month.

  • We require one month’s notice to drop from enrollment.   


         June 1st thru July 3rd      July 6th thru July 31st        August 3rd thru August 28th



These changes are necessary to meet the challenge of increase in cost of operation.

  • One week of advanced tuition is required.  This will cover the last week of enrollment and cannot be used to cover late payments.

  • It is necessary that we implement and enforce late fees for delinquent payments.

  • Infants -30 months old (and potty trained)  $190 per week

  • 2.5 years– 3.5 yrs. (31 months – 42 months) $180 per week

  • 3.5 years & up (42 months & up)                      $170 per week

  • *$15 weekly discount for 2nd sibling

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