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Dear Parents & Families

We are taking many extra steps to protect the health and safety of your children, your family, and our staff. The following guidelines have come to us from the Louisiana Department of Education who follows health and safety guidelines from the Center of Disease Control.


Hours of operation 7:30 AM – 5:20 PM

Check-In and Pick-Up-----More Explanation to Come

  • Families will be met at the parking lot where a staff member will greet the child(ren). Parents and other family members will not be allowed inside the childcare facility. Prior to parents leaving the site, a trained staff member will take the temperature of their child(ren), and ask parents to confirm that their child has not been on fever reducing medication in the last 24 hours and does not have shortness of breath or a cough.  

  • Children and staff will be required to wash their hands immediately upon entering the building.  When children are received for drop-off, they will be escorted into the nearest handwashing sink where their hands will be washed.

  • Upon arrival to pick up your child, a staff member will bring your child out to you. Doing so will limit direct contact and help us to maintain social distancing.


Drop off and Pick Up Procedures

  • We will talk to each family to set a drop off time and a pick-up time for their child/children.  This is necessary so we can have staff available to meet parents on the parking lot at their specified time in the morning and evening.  

  • Parents will be able to sign children in and out using Brightwheel from their mobile device as they reach the parking lot. 

  • Parents will not enter the building at these times.

  • It is necessary to have the same family member each day for drop off and the same family member each day for pick up. We will document the name for each.

  • Parents and staff should wear a mask as the staff person approaches the vehicle.

  • We will advise about rainy day drop off and pick up.


Healthy Environment

  • We will separate children into groups of 5 or fewer including the teacher for infants and groups of 10 or fewer including the teacher for older children.

  • We will limit sharing toys as much as possible and will sanitize between uses. 

  • All classrooms/groups will remain separated.

  • Staff will disinfect high-touch surfaces, such as door handles, light switches, faucets, toys, and games that children play with on an hourly basis.

  • Staff will wash their hands and children’s hands at least every two hours. 


Child Health

If a child shows signs of illness, including a fever of 100.4 degrees or greater, a cough or runny nose, the child will be isolated from other children and the parent will be called to pick up the child immediately.  Staff will receive training to help recognize COVID-19 symptoms, as well as preventive measures.


Access to Teachers and Administration

You will receive daily information about your child at school.  We will do our best to document and share pictures and videos at least weekly.  You are encouraged to interact with teachers and administration through Brightwheel.


  • Enrollment is a month by month agreement to be paid in weekly installments.  We require that children enrolled on the first Monday of each month will remain enrolled to complete the entire week of the last days in the month.

  • We require one month’s notice to drop from enrollment.   



         June 1st thru July 3rd      July 6th thru July 31st        August 3rd thru August 28th


This is a big move.  There are many, many steps to making this happen.  I am committed to be informed and to inform you of best practices for childcare as we address our ‘new normal’.  

Please reach out if you need to.



Betty S. Winn

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